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Top 10 gifts for insomniacs & sleep lovers alike

By Ellie Guinness

I am a big believer in gifting things to people that they will love and use for a long time.
To do so, I consider the daily challenges of the person I am buying for and choose something that will help them overcome that challenge and thus improve their life.
This approach works great when shopping for someone who suffers from sleeping issues, gifting them something that will improve their sleep is thoughtful and they will be incredibly grateful for the extra zzz's. And if you are shopping for someone who is a great sleeper, they will also love these sleep hacks.
So here are our10 top gifts for insomniacs & sleep lovers alike (in no particular order).

Note: We have no affiliation with any of the companies mentioned below & our recommendations are provided unsolicited based solely on what has worked to help us sleep.


Eye pillow


I love Globe Artichoke's yoga props and eye pillows, their products are the highest quality of their kind that I have experienced. Everything is handmade with beautiful NZ materials like South Island organic lavender and organic flaxseed. You can customize the patterns and choose from the different natural fillers for the eyemask, adding a nice personal touch for who you are shopping for. Eyemasks are great for relaxing oneself before falling asleep, and if used regularly, the aromas will begin to cue the brain into sleep mode.


Cultiver Linen Sheets

Father Rabbit

From $479

A beautiful luxurious set of sheets gets me so excited for bedtime, and this mentality can actually translate into better sleep. To make your bedroom a space of serenity, you can't go wrong with these sumptuous sheets to crawl into. Cultiver Linen is the creme de la creme for quality, design and feel, their sheet sets are 100% European Flax which will last forever and just keep getting softer.


Weighted Blanket


Yes, we wrote the content but that doesn't make it untrue! If you are shopping for someone with sleep issues from stress, a racing mind or anxiety, they may greatly benefit from Deep Touch Pressure Therapy from a weighted blanket. The comforting pressure sends signals to the brain that you are safe and can relax, switching the nervous system from "fight or flight" to "rest and digest". We have created Groundd simply because weighted blankets fundamentally work and can help so many people sleep better.


Mindfulness Classes

$150 for 10 class pass

train your mind like you train your body.
If you haven't heard of brthe, it is a beautiful new 'mindgym' studio in Auckland that offers guided classes in mindfulness. They have an evening sleep class that is pure bliss and teaches you helpful techniques to unwind. Making connections with others in Brthe's community of kind, empower people is a gift that will keep giving.


Magnesium supplement



Scientific, holistic health company, BePure by Ben Warren, is New Zealand's trusted source for nutritional support supplements. Their BePure Magnesium Restore contains high quality, absorbable forms of magnesium to support the renewal of depleted magnesium stores. Magnesium is an essential nutrient that supports sleep, muscle relaxation, energy production, as well as promoting inner calm and steady moods.

It is well worth giving this nutritional support product a go if you are wanting to improve your sleep and bring more calm into your life. It is especially beneficial for anyone with heightened stress and anxiety levels in today’s modern world.


Meditation App

$70 USD / year

Bedtime stories for adults is underrated
This App has made such a positive influence in my life. I use it everyday for morning meditations, and at night when im struggling to fall asleep, I love to wind down with their Sleepcasts. They are like bedtime stories but with a chill, dreamlike narrative that allows you to drift off. This will be a gamechanger for someone who complains they cant sleep because of their chatty mind at night.

Why We Sleep


Professor Matthew Walker does an incredible job of researching and illuminating the importance of sleep to our overall wellbeing. If you are shopping for someone who doesn't value sleep enough or is caught up in the outdated mentality of hustle at the expense of sleep and health, this book has the power to create a paradigm shift and change their priorities and relationship with sleep for the better.




This is a gift I would LOVE someone to give me, these PJs are so comfortable and cute. Having a steady bedtime routine, like changing into PJs, that starts at the same time every night is one of the best ways to prepare you mind for sleep.




Memory foam isn't for everyone, but if you are partial to a firm, supportive pillow, this one is amazing. I sleep with an Ecosa pillow and an Ecosa memory foam bed topper, both of which are heavenly and also like new after over a year of regular use. This pillow can be especially helpful to people suffering from neck pain from looking down at a computer all day. The 2,000+ 5 star reviews will give you a good idea of what works about it.


Sleep Tracker


Tracking and understanding your sleep cycles will bring valuable insights into how to improve you sleep. Collecting a detailed breakdown of your light, deep and REM sleep allows you to create personalised sleep schedules and routines to optimise your restorative rest. Plus, if you haven't tried a fitbit already, it is excellent motivation to get more exercise in during the day which will in turn promote better sleep. This is a great gift if you are shopping for a competitive type.

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