Sustainability and materials

Outer layer: 100% organic cotton.

Filled with BPA and lead free glass beads within a thin microfibre polyester layer to protect and prevent beads from pooling.

OEKO-TEX certified for chemical safety. For more information about what this means, see  question below. 

The cover is made from 100% organic Bamboo Lyocell. This silky smooth fabric is as light as a feather against your skin, is highly breathable and is moisture wicking. The fabric is also naturally durable, antibacterial and anti fungal. These properties makes it the ideal fabric to sleep with, including for hot sleepers.

The fabric is not only ultra functional & comfortable to sleep with but unlike most bamboo fabrics, which are usually produced using the viscose method, bamboo lyocell is produced using a closed-loop system making it completely eco-friendly. See the next question for more details on how this innovative material is so sustainable.

The covers come in our Glacier colour, which is a soft grey blue with a lustrous finish and a calming tone.

The cover is also OEKO-TEX certified for chemical safety.

Bamboo is an incredible plant in its raw form. It is highly renewable, able to regrow to its full adult size in 3-5 years, growing up to 2 feet in 1 day. It is naturally pest resistant, meaning that no nasty pesticides are required to grow it and its planting helps rebuild eroded soil. On top of this the bamboo plant requires far less water, absorbs 5 times more carbon dioxide and produces 35% more oxygen than similar plants such as cotton.

Although the plant itself is incredibly sustainable, when it comes to the way that bamboo is mostly processed into fabric using the viscose method, the overall environmental benefits are completely over weighed. To produce bamboo viscose, the material must go through an intense chemical process involving the use of harsh chemicals such as sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide. These chemicals are extremely harmful to the environment and people in general. Not only do they negatively affect the quality of the once-natural material, but chemical runoff from whoever manufactured the fabric is detrimental to local environments.

Unlike Bamboo Viscose, Bamboo Lyocell is a 100% eco-friendly fabric as it is processed out of bamboo using an innovative closed-loop system. This means that 99.5% of inputs are captured and reused in continuous processing. This technology results in a final textile that is highly sustainable, producing almost zero waste and is completely biodegradable. 

It means that every component used in a Groundd product (every thread, textile, label, zip & tie) is free of harmful chemicals and other substance and is therefore 100% safe in human ecological terms. All products are tested by Independent OEKO-TEX certified partners. For more information see here for more information.